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Taylor Swift's Playbook: 3 Secrets to Winning the Marketing Game as a Creative Freelancer

Taylor Swift's Playbook: 3 Ways to Winning the Marketing Game as a Creative Freelancer

The Lavender Haze is slowly lifting from Taylor Swift's two night takeover in Kansas City! VisitKC estimated the tour would generate $46 million in economic impact. Impressive! Taylor (and her brilliant marketing team) are the essence of a marketing machine that prints money, makes friends, leaves Easter eggs, positively impacts and excites cities everywhere they go. Beyond Taylor’s chart-topping hits and undeniable talent; she has an effect on all aspects of commerce from special themed drink offerings, donut recipes and Eras Tour fans makeup and hair looks to complete their concert night glam! And this is the very reason I’m writing this post. As a freelance commercial makeup artist, I also receive requests from clients for special event makeup. And, I received a very special VIP request for Swiftie glam from…my NIECE! Pre-concert prep time flew by as we had so much to do to get my niece Swiftie ready; makeup, nails, get dressed, charge the phone, pack friendship bracelets and don’t forget hair! We opted for a braided space buns look with a special Lavender Haze twist!

I’ve always been intrigued by Taylor Swift. It’s like she was born a business person; being so involved in every aspect of her brand, music and performances from a young age. You definitely have to give her credit. Seeing the impact she made on Kansas City in a matter of a few days, I became a Swiftie marketing fan instantly and took a deep dive into her marketing secrets. Her secrets are really not secrets; she is just REALLY consistent and good at implementing them. I’m breaking down 3 of these “secrets” for you and showing you how to use them in your freelance business.

Ready for it?

Go ahead, grab your metaphorical microphone and let's dive into these 3 secrets!

1. BE PRECISE: Keep Your Marketing Message Simple

As they say, clarity equals revenue. Taylor Swift is a prime example of this thought process. Even though she changes her aesthetic, sound, hair color, costumes and Eras; she is known for her simple, catchy and relatable lyrics. The kind you find yourself singing without realizing it, even if it’s just the chorus. This is exactly what you want your clients to do. You want them to know you, what you are known for (core service or product offerings) and why you can deliver so literally when they are ready to hire, you are top of mind because your marketing messages have been clear, simple, appealing and repetitive (consistent). Think of it as creating a “chorus” for your business which resonates with clients and has them singing along or in other words hiring you!

How to apply this. . .

  • Create short, simple sound bites about your business, who you serve, what you do and/or sell.

  • Refine these sound bites into catchy “lyrics” if you will to the tone of your business voice.

  • Use them consistently in your messaging everywhere and repeatedly just like the chorus of a song.

2. BE PLAYFUL: Connect and Engage with Your Clients

Taylor Swift has cultivated a dedicated fan base by actively engaging with them and making them feel involved in her life and journey. Her social media posts are written as if the conversation is just between you and her. She talks to her audience, not at them. She doesn’t say things like “What does everyone think?” She says things like “What do you think?”

Question, have you ever actually followed Taylor Swift, another celebrity, athlete, CEO, brand or business on social media and they either followed you back, commented on one of your posts or liked it? Do you remember how you felt when you saw the notification? I know you do! It brought a smile to your face and you felt like they acknowledged you. You felt seen. This simple gesture would go ALONG way with your clients as well. While you are connecting and engaging with your clients, a key to success is to be authentic like Taylor. Her authenticity has been a driving factor in her success. Let your personality shine through and build meaningful connections with your clients!

How can you do this . . .

  • Follow up to client projects, bookings to see if your client was pleased with the product or your services.

  • Respond to voicemails, emails, comments, posts and messages promptly.

  • Give shout outs to your clients on your social media platforms, blogs, podcasts and newsletter.

  • Use a person to person approach in your marketing messages, posts and emails.

3. BE SMUDGE PROOF: Embrace Creativity and Experiment

Taylor Swift's music career is a testament to her ever-evolving creativity and experimentation. Whether it’s switching up her music styles, inviting fans to her house for cookies and a listening party, her image or social media platforms. One thing is for sure, she is keeping her fans on their toes! The Swiftie’s are engaged, constantly waiting on the edge of their seats or millimeters away from thumb taps on TikTok & Instagram feeds. And guess what? You are a creative freelancer so this strategy of being creative, experimenting and evolving should not be a stretch for you! Think how you can convey your marketing message in fresh, innovative, personable ways. For instance, do you give “just because” gifts or do little things for your kids, partners or friends to let them know you are thinking of them or how important they are? Do this for your clients! The strategy is twofold. Your clients will love it and it conveys your creativity and authenticity as a creative freelancer!

Here are some ideas . . .

  • Send cookies to clients in the shape of something that relates to your business with a special handwritten note.

  • Create mini video snippets (reels or stories) of a “day in the life of your business” or your creative process. Post these online where your clients are, whether that is TikTok, Instagram, Threads, you name it.

  • Is one of your clients' mothers a Kansas City Chiefs fan? Send her a Mahomes t-shirt! (Actually, this one is straight out of my marketing playbook and completely genuine. I love spreading the Chiefs Kingdom all over the world:-)

On a final note, approach marketing your freelance business as you would when choosing and applying RED lipstick (a lipstick which has endured the entirety of Taylor Swift's career), make it:

  • Precise-Keep your message consistent, clear and simple.

  • Playful-Connect in a relatable way and talk to your clients not at them.

  • Smudge proof-Embrace creativity, experiment and evolve.

By infusing your freelance career with these 3 secrets from Taylor Swift’s Playbook, you’ll be well on your way to achieving freelance success.



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